20 Continue Clock Hours Class
ABW Workshop Programs for Real Estate Sale Professional

The Real Estate Advantage Business Workshop Program is a 3 months program consisting of 20 Power-Packed, Live lecture, including Q & A, and a live role-play designed to dramatically increase your new business to take you to the next level.

What you will learn:

1. Time Management
2. Prospecting
3. Past Clients and Center of Influence
4. Pre-Qualifying
5. Lead Follow-Up
6. Listing Presentation
7. Pricing Property
8. Handling Objections
9. Closing Skills
10. Negotiating
11. Working with buyers
12. Administration and Staffing
13. Customer Service
14. Business Planning
15. Tracking numbers
16. Practicing Scripts and Developing Skills
17. Understanding Personality Styles
18. Mindset
19. Goal Setting and Motivation
20. Money Management and Profitability


Welcome! For more than 10 years Mike has been developing and training the real estate professional through personal one on one, group coaching, workshop and seminar.

Our real estate organization offers an array of programs to suit the needs of each individual.  We're glad that many professional like you have made the decision to commit to your success in business.  Every athlete, entertainer, business leader and sales professional who wants to increase their skills, productivity and profitability works with a Coach/ Mentor.

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